Hi, I’m Roxy! You may think I’m weird and strange or you might just love me for exactly that! My life is about to get crazier and I want to properly document it all through social media.

I wanted to start documenting my pregnancy and eventually my life as a first time mom because it is the craziest, scariest, and most amazing thing that is going to happen in my life! I used to keep a diary as a kid and a scrapbook as a teenager and it’s so nice to look through them once in a while to look back at old memories and reminisce. Now I get the chance to blog and take pictures about a very special time in my life and one day I know I will look back at it all and be grateful that I started it. With the backdrop of beautiful British Columbia, I am positive I can make a beautiful little project.

I love making friends and meeting new people so feel free to connect and leave me a comment! I hope you enjoy getting a little glimpse into my life!