Happy Mother’s Day To Me!

May 15, 2019 - Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s that time of the year again! I was thinking about what I wanted to write about for mother’s day. I thought I could go the typical way of praising my own mother and all the motherly-type of women in my life or saying how awesome and tiring motherhood is yet so rewarding. But no. I have done that in the past and I will have that opportunity again in the many years ahead of me!

This post is a pat on my back or a personal high five, if you will. 😀

Not born to be a mother.

I have never been the motherly-type, the nurturing or even the big-sister type. If there was a poll, I would probably be voted ‘least to be a mother’ by people who know me. I never dreamed to be a mother and essentially had no plans to have kids. One day I just decided to stop using birth control to see “if it happens, it happens”. A mutual agreement between Dustin and I, of course!

Now look at me. I’m learning to be a mom. I don’t know how to do it. Nobody teaches you to become one. There’s no official manual on how to become a mom, although there are a plethora of books about it. Perhaps it’s that motherly instinct that kicked in even when Daisy was still in the womb. There’s just this drive to do your best for your baby. Even if it means googling, “how to breastfeed” or youtubing “how to wean off soothers” at 4 am in the morning.


How to be a mom 101.

MOTHERHOOD IS SO GREAT! Sometimes. I would say I’m ok at it and I could be better. I could keep up with my meal prep and not let Daisy eat McDonalds for dinner two days in a week. My time management could use some work and I could avoid letting Daisy go to bed at 10 or 11 pm on some nights. I could learn to control my temper, or not let myself get so tired that I lose my cool on Daisy.

I would say I keep a good balance of being the kind of mom that makes sure her kid eats free-range, organic eggs and the kind of mom that lets her eat SPAM or $1 instant noodles for lunch. Some days I call it a win if I get Daisy to drink a glass of green juice despite only eating crackers, raisins, and berries all day.

Ok here it is, I’m going to admit it. It’s hard to be a full-time working mom. My work schedule is all over the place to have less childcare needs. Which means I work a lot of nights. Meaning I’m always sleeping during the day. On most days. I also work a lot of weekends. Which means I don’t get to hang out with Dustin and Daisy. Also an ideal time to get chores done while Dustin is watching Daisy or vice versa.  But despite having a schedule all over the place and less energy, I still find time to play with Daisy. I make sure she goes out to the playground or sees new places and things and the opportunity to play with other kids. Dustin and I are still learning to find time to spend with each other and still go on date nights. Planned or spontaneous.

mother’s day gift guide

If there was one mother’s day gift I could ask for and could be provided, it would be the gift of patience. LOTS OF IT. There are many opportunities I could show more kindness to Daisy by being patient. For instance, I could be more patient when I’m trying to get Daisy to leave the playground by letting her decide when she’s had enough. On a good day, she will leave the playground on her own will and this avoids whiny tantrums.

I would like more sleep. Will accept gift cards and coupons for more sleep. Please and thank you.


I’m feeling pretty grateful that I get the morning off of work to spend some quality CAKE time with my family. Hope you are celebrating mother’s day with the people you love over food you love to eat and in places you love to be in.

- Roxy

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