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April 28, 2018 - Life / Motherhood

It’s 9 a.m. and Daisy is down for a nap. Her first nap of the day. This can last for up to 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes 2 (SO GOOD. I KNOW).

I start with washing some dishes. Done. Yes! One task down!

Then I move on to sorting some laundry.

I haven’t even finished sorting the laundry and I hear a little cry.

Great. Daisy is awake.

I run to her and try to pat her back to sleep.

She opens her eyes nice and wide. She’s basically telling me, “NO WAY JOSE. IM READY TO PLAY!”

Ugh…I guess I’ll do laundry later.

A couple hours of playing with Daisy pass.

Down for a nap again! But so am I.

Gosh, playing with a baby can be soooo tiring..

Daisy sleeps for 1 hour. I sleep for maybe 10 minutes. I wake up because I feel hungry. Theres no better time to fix up something to eat while the baby is still sleeping!

Prepare and cook some food.

Sit down to eat food.

Hear a little cry. 

Ok Daisy is awake. I only took a couple of bites…guess I’m done eating.

Pick up Daisy and play again.

Food gets cold.

Completely forget to do laundry until 2 days later when you need something to wear.


Reading for myself or for Daisy? Check out my fashionable mom attire.


That’s just a glimpse of what a day in the life looks like. It involves a lot of playing with baby in between naps and eating. What a life eh? Sometimes I get frustrated when I get set on trying to accomplish something and get interrupted with Daisy’s needs. It can get really exhausting. I’ve tried to multi-task several times and I just felt like rage quitting. I even felt like getting mad at Daisy when she required my full blown attention and forcing me to stop whatever it is I’m doing. Then I realized that it’s not her fault. It’s not because she doesn’t want me to do the laundry or wash the dishes. She doesn’t care if I’m starving and haven’t eaten lunch. She really doesn’t care if I haven’t showered (hahaha)! She could care less about my body odour. She just wants to play with me. She wants me close because she needs to feel secure as she explores her world. One day she won’t care if I’m around while she plays. She might even tell me to leave her alone! I might as well enjoy this.

My solution?

Just do one thing at a time. I try to be more present with Daisy. If she wants to play, I’ll play with her. We play with all her toys. I read books to her. I sing her songs. Or at least I try to sing. She seems to like my voice. I think she’s my biggest fan! When she gets tired of her toys and acts all fussy, I’ll take her outside and play in the grass. We go for walks. We check out the dog park. There’s lots of things you can do to entertain a baby.

Use reinforcements. She doesn’t let me sneak off and do laundry while she plays by herself. She’ll notice me out of her sight and she’ll cry. When I need to get stuff done I wait until someone else is entertaining Daisy. Whether that be getting some laundry done, showering, or making meals. Trying to sneak in tasks when she’s napping can get really frustrating too when I can’t complete it so I do simple and quick tasks. Better yet, I try to take a nap with her! But to be honest, I’m usually browsing on social media.

Prepare food in advance. Just cause I’m not working out or body building doesn’t mean I can’t meal prep! Moms can meal prep too! I try to prepare meals the night before. Or set one day a week to do meal prep. Make something easy that you can just pop in the oven or the microwave. Don’t try to cook up something from scratch while the baby is sleeping. Worst. Idea. Ever. For me at least. I’ve almost burned a couple pots and pans this way! Same goes for meal prepping for dinner. I usually marinade meats such as chicken and pork chops in advance and store them in the freezer or fridge. I also pre-cut vegetables so all I have to do is throw them on a pan and roast them or steam them just before dinner. ¬†Easy peasy! When I started doing this, I felt like I figured out early motherhood (haha!). It felt so good. I felt like a mom superstar when I was able to feed myself nutritious food at least three times a day plus make dinner for Dustin.

If all else fails and I still don’t feel like putting any effort. There’s always take out or pizza delivery! I stock up the fridge with frozen lasagna, pot stickers, frozen veggies and grandma’s homemade spaghetti sauce (BEST! EVER!) for easy, no-effort meals.


Daisy’s favourite book. She reads it upside down cause she’s so advanced.

- Roxy

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