Daisy at 6 months!

April 3, 2018 - Motherhood

Fast forward six months later and we have ourselves a jolly little jumper. Time is flying by and sometimes I feel like we need a second to catch our breath. A lot of people say that this is where the fun starts but I thoroughly enjoyed Daisy as a newborn. I watched her face every second and every sweet smile brought me so much joy. Even her little farts brought me some amusement! Only a mother could right…


She loves bouncing up and down. She’s definitely a jolly jumper! When you hold her up, she’ll just give in and start bouncing up and down as if she was on her jolly jumper. She loves her exersaucer too- it lets her bounce up and down in between switching up playing with the different toys.

She hates tummy time but if you put a toy in front of her, it distracts her enough so that she’ll be too occupied to cry while on her tummy. She can roll over to her back and to her front, which means I can’t take my eyes off her even for a second. Who knows where she will end up!

She also tries really hard to sit up. She’s able to sit up partially but needs a little help and encouragement to sit up all the way.

When she’s on her back she loves to eat her toes. Sometimes she tries to eat both her feet. Such a silly girl!

Daisy babbles quite a bit and mostly says “dadadada” and “goooooo”. I don’t know where she got the ‘dada’ from because it’s ‘mama’ who is with her all day and all night…


Practicing rolling over on her foam pay mats!


Daisy naps anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. She’ll take anywhere from 2-4 naps a day.

I try to make her bedtime as early as 8 pm but sometimes she will sleep at midnight. She still feeds through the night. Maybe once or three times. I’m actually not quite sure because I’m barely awake, to be quite honest.

Lately she has been moving around a lot in her sleep. She mostly sleeps on her back but once in a while I see her sleeping on her side.


She knows I’m mommy, alright! And she needs to be with me all. the. time. If I leave her on her exersaucer to play I need to be sitting next to her, within eyesight, otherwise she will start freaking out!

Although she prefers to be with me most of the time, she loves being with her dad too. I can tell that she loves being raised up high and doing airplanes with her dad. Something I don’t usually do with her because I carry her all day and my back is sore!

She can be left alone with other people besides her parents. She loves playing with her grandmas and her aunties. They just have to make sure they have lots of toys and different ways to distract her when she starts getting bored. Knowing her sleep and hunger cues help catch sleepiness and hungriness early before she gets cranky and cries uncontrollably.


Daisy is still primarily breastfeeding. She’s slowly being introduced to solids via baby led weaning. Daisy spits out pureed foods and would prefer to hold her food and learn to chew and play with it instead. I have attended a solids class, read books and watched numerous Youtube videos about baby led weaning after finding out that introducing solids to Daisy was not going to be as easy as giving her a spoon of pureed foods.


Happy eating, Daisy! She loves reaching for her food and feeling it in her hands. More often than not, she will put it in her mouth. If she really doesn’t like it, she will throw it on the ground or back on her tray.


It’s taking me a couple of days…ok I lied.. a couple of weeks… to post this. As I’m adding and editing it, I realize that Daisy is doing new things differently everyday and every week. She’s actually seven months now as I’m publishing this post and I could easily write a couple more paragraphs on what new things she’s doing. I may just be the worst mommy blogger! Just kidding.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself with blogging. I really wish I could write more posts Β more often but Daisy tires me out all day. Plus my brain feels too sluggish to write coherent posts. Who ever is reading might think I didn’t go to school or something hahahha!

Editors/proofreaders please apply within.


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- Roxy

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  1. Grandma πŸŽ¨πŸŽΌβ›ΈπŸŽ“πŸ’Όβœ¨πŸŽ¬πŸš€ says:

    You have done an amazing job raising Daisy. Both you and Dustin. She will surprise you everyday and that’s the beauty of watching her grow into her own person. She will change her mind often with favorite activities, food, sleep, but that’s what makes it exciting for you and her. There is no perfect way or plan to raise a baby, just know because she is loved from so many each of them will influence her in one way or another to help her grow into the lady she will become . I’m excited to be apart of that , so thankyou 😘😘

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