Baby’s first cold!

February 16, 2018 - Motherhood

As I mentioned in my New Year post, my little family and I were sick during the holidays. Thanks, life, what a great Christmas present. It was the first time Daisy got a cold and it was the saddest thing ever! It’s so awful to hear your own baby’s cough!

Daisy started getting a raspy voice one day and it eventually developed into cough and congestion. Her nose wasn’t really stuffy but you can tell there was snot rattling around in there. Once in a while it would ooze out. I know, it’s yucky stuff. Her cold lasted about two weeks. After one week of her cold not getting better I took her to the doctor just to get checked up. I wasn’t too worried because she never had a fever or had issues with feeding. I just wanted to hear what the doctor had to say and also to get a peace of mind.

I took her to my family doctor and he took a look at her. She was smiling. A lot. He listened to her chest. It was clear; no issues there. Looked in her ears. No infection. Apparently if babies get congested, the congestion could get backed up in their ears, thus causing an ear infection. A sign of this would be if your baby cried noticeably a lot more when they are lying down. a fever would also indicate that they have an infection. He did an abdominal assessment. Bowel sounds were present, her tummy wasn’t hard and I reported that she wasn’t having issues with feeding. I did say her bowel movements did decrease and there would be one day where she wouldn’t have a dirty diaper (versus a wet diaper). He said this was fine as her body is compensating for loss of fluid because of the congestion. He said to continue breastfeeding as she pleases.

So overall, Daisy was fine. Doctor wasn’t concerned and he said to go ahead and continue with her four month immunizations. Despite the runny nose and the coughing, Daisy was still smiling and playing, sleeping normally and was not fussier than usual.

I wanted to share some of the things I bought and used to help Daisy throughout her cold:

Nosefrida Snot sucker: We would use this just once a day and as needed when we could hear a lot of snot rumbling in Daisy’s nose. It didn’t look like it really bothered her but we would usually get a pretty good amount out when we used it. She hated the snot sucker! Make sure you have your baby’s head held by your partner or you might poke their eye out if they start thrashing around. (FYI: I laughed at this for years and thought I would never use it!)

Vaporizer: We would use this once or twice a day as well to help relieve congestion. Be careful not to hold your baby too close to the steam! We held Daisy at a distance that was comfortable for her. A.k.a she didn’t fuss too much about it or scream in pain from the hot steam. The snot would ooze right out. 

Humidifier: We had this going at night and during the cold, chilly mornings. We used it cause the air in the basement felt a little stale and dry. I also think it helped with the congestion to loosen things up in there.

Forehead and ear thermometer: I really wanted to have one of these on hand because the armpit thermometer took too long and it was hard to get under Daisy’s arm when she’s bundled up and squirming around. The doctor said that it’s good to have but it just gives a ballpark temperature and that the armpit thermometer is more accurate. It was only off by one degree. If the forehead/ear thermometer did read a higher temperature I would go in with the armpit one anyway to double check.

 Infant tylenol: I had it on hand just in case she spiked a temperature. It’s always good to have just in case you need it in the middle of the night or if you’re home alone and can’t get out to the drugstore.


On top of all of that, I just breastfed and cuddled Daisy a lot. Breastfeeding is great, if you can, when baby is sick because your body actually makes more antibodies for your baby so she can fight off the virus. Every time she suckles, her saliva gets into your body through the nipples and it signals what kind of milk to give your baby. It’s like your body is making medicine for your baby! So cool, right?! (I should probably insert a link to where I got that golden piece of information on but I’m lazy. Just google it, people!)

People thought that Daisy needed some sort of medicine, not knowing the wonders of what breast milk can do. I might not have either if I didn’t educate myself and did my own research. There’s still a lot of people out there who don’t know the benefits of breastfeeding. It’s beyond giving your baby food, vitamins and minerals!

This isn’t a post on guidelines on what to do when you’re baby is sick. I’m simply documenting Daisy’s first cold and what I did and what I used. Who knows, maybe it’ll be different in the future! Always trust your motherly instincts and if you’re getting a gut feeling that your baby isn’t well, take them to your doctor/pediatrician or to your nearest emergency room. It doesn’t hurt to ask and it will give you a peace of mind.

Other good resources I would use:

1. Symptom checker on

2. Read up on How to Take a Temperature.

3. Read up on InFLUenza versus a cold. 

3. Call  811: the provincial health line that connects you with a registered nurse, dietitian, exercise professional or pharmacist in BC. 

Ok so I have to admit that I did use some of those resources. I’m a registered nurse by trade but paediatrics is not my specialty. Although we learned about babies in  nursing school, it’s been ages and I had to refresh my memory. I still feel pretty confident about my ability to know if something is truly wrong with my baby but I didn’t want to miss anything.

Wow it actually took me 2 months to post this. I’m doing great.

- Roxy

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