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November 22, 2017 - Life / Motherhood

Today was a glorious day! I felt like I had a huge mom win. But first, let me tell you what a day in my life looked like before and after Daisy.

Before Daisy

9 or 10 am wake up.
Put a load of laundry in the washing machine.
Make Breakfast.
Sit down and eat breakfast. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee.
Do the dishes.
Get back to laundry.
Netfix and chill. Watch several episodes of a show or a movie.
Fold laundry.
Go to the grocery store to buy groceries.
Cook lunch and prepare dinner.
Netflix or browse the internet.
Have dinner with Dustin.

(Go to the gym)

After Daisy:

Wake up anytime from 6 – 8 am.
Change Daisy’s diaper.
Put Daisy to sleep again (usually sleeps right away).

Go back to sleep OR quickly make some oatmeal OR have a quick shower before Dustin goes to work.
If fully awake: do laundry (or whatever chore is on the chore board for the day).

Daisy wakes up from her nap.

Cuddle Daisy. Change diaper if wet.
Play with Daisy for an hour.
Put Daisy to sleep.

Continue with laundry.
Eat lunch.

Daisy wakes up from her nap.

Leave lunch halfway.
Cuddle Daisy. Change diaper.
Play with Daisy for half an hour. Eat cold lunch while Daisy is on her bouncer.
Put Daisy to sleep. Cuddle with Daisy because she doesn’t want to sleep alone. Daisy wants to sleep on my chest. Carefully and gently place her on her back to sleep.
Fall asleep with Daisy.

Wake up while Daisy is still sleeping.
Prepare dinner.

Daisy wakes up from her nap. 

Cuddle Daisy. Change her diaper.
Play with Daisy for an hour or hour and a half.
Put Daisy to sleep.

Finish making dinner.

Daisy wakes up from her nap.

Cuddle Daisy. Change her diaper.
Play with Daisy while Dustin eats dinner OR let Dustin play with Daisy while I eat dinner OR let grandma play with Daisy while Dustin and I eat dinner together.

Basically my life revolves around when Daisy wakes and sleeps. I get things done while she’s sleeping. Thank goodness her daytime naps have been longer (2 hours max) because I can get LOTS of stuff done. I have to dedicate at least an hour or an hour and a half to entertaining her while shes awake. Sometimes I let her play by herself in her bassinette while I wash dishes or put a load in the laundry but I like playing with her. There’s more of an interaction when you talk to her now and it’s just pure joy, I tell ya!

Now to my mom win….

Early morning, 8 am wake up. My sister came over so after I breastfed Daisy and changed her diaper, I gave her over to my sister to entertain and put to sleep.

I was able to do:
Laundry (wash, dry and fold)
Make a healthy breakfast and lunch. Eat it while it was still warm.
Enjoy a hot cup of coffee.
Long hot shower.
A little photoshoot with Daisy.
Worked on my blog.
Chat with my dad.
Facetime with my girlfriend from Kelowna.
Made dinner.

It was the best day. I got so much done! I credit it to having my sister around to play with Daisy and put her to sleep. That gave me that extra hour or two to do stuff. Also, that cup of coffee definitely fuelled me up! I don’t drink coffee anymore because if I’m tired I’ll just nap with Daisy. Today was different, Dustin’s brother came over and brought some good coffee from Calabria bakery on Commercial Drive. I wanted to try it and drank half a cup. It was so delicious I had to have more!

My day varies, to be honest. Sometimes I get caught up with trying to do too many things. Too many chores, to be more specific. So I’ve created a chore board that gives Dustin and I a schedule to follow. This way, the chores are divided and I don’t try to do things all in one day and get exhausted on top of taking care of Daisy. Taking care of Daisy is my main priority. Making sure she is feeding enough, sleeping enough, having lots of wet and dirty diapers, and making sure she is getting exercise and play is at the top of my priority list right now. I usually sneak in my needs in between there. Usually it’s three meals a day, a shower, a nap and some Netflix. Honestly, that’s the best I can do for myself on a daily basis.

I hope another mom can relate to this or a new mom/mom-to-be can learn or realize something. In my third week home, I googled “What do moms with newborns do at home?” and “What does a day in the life of a mom look like?”.

I’m not joking.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t fully prepared to give my entire life to my baby. I didn’t know that my life was going to revolve around her schedule. Getting to appointments would be stressful and requires planning ahead. Being late was normal. Being able to get up and out of the house on a whim was a thing of the past. Washing my hair would be a treat. Having a bath is a treat. Hair in a bun will be my go-to hair style. Breastfeeding shirts, gowns, and sweatpants is my daily outfit.
So far it’s getting a little easier and I have adjusted to a different kind of a normal life.

Dustin and I joke around and say that Daisy is our boss and tending to her is a job. She gets to decide when I go on break and when I can go home for the night (aka when I can go to sleep). Personally I have made it a goal to “love my job”. Work is part of life and many people spend a lot of their time at work so might as well do something you love.

So I’m not complaining when I say taking care of Daisy is work. I love my life and I love my current job as a full time mom. 😀


Wait for it…



There she goes!


With puke down my arm and chest, I couldn’t help but laugh.



Clean up duty.


Honey, there’s dinner!

My life is so different.
My life is so good.

- Roxy

5 thoughts on “Mom Life Vol. 1”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a different lifestyle but oh so rewarding….so so great!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ahahahah this was a good post on the typical Mom life. Our lives revolve around our little precious babies for sure. #momlife #goodbyesociallife jk it gets better!!!!! Maddy is only 6 weeks older and let me tell you, it gets easier!

    1. Roxanne says:

      I know! It’s so crazy. Sometimes I wake up and think, “This is my life now!” as Daisy is pooping/farting/crying in the crib hahaha! Good to hear that it gets easier! Some people say the first 4 months or so are the hardest!

  3. Soph says:

    All the work looks great on all of you!

    1. Roxanne says:

      Thanks love <3

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