Third trimester update!

August 8, 2017 - Pregnancy

I am currently 33 weeks and in my third trimester as I am writing this post and I’m feeling good so far! The lower back pain is still an issue but the sciatica has been relieved (with a combination of physiotherapy, magnesium and B6 supplements).
Some new symptoms I am noticing since the beginning of the trimester are:

1. Mild swelling to my hands only- It happens sometimes especially during the evening. I noticed it a lot the other day when I was moving stuff in the garage. I was watching a movie later that evening and I had my hands up against the wall to decrease the swelling and it worked… I just felt a little silly haha!
2. Leg cramps- I have remedied this by taking 250 mg of magnesium glycinate as recommended by my midwife. It has helped so much! It prevents those nasty early morning leg cramps and my legs don’t feel so tight all day!
3. Frequent urination (but also I am drinking SO much more water…at least 2.2 L a day).
4. Anemia- I have become ever so slightly anemic and I am now taking 35 mg of ferrous gluconate twice a day. .
5. Sore neck- According to my RMT, its because of the way my neck is positioned when im standing, walking, and sitting with my heavy belly. He suggested I tuck my chin in (like when you’re purposely showcasing your double-chin haha) when I am doing all those things so it doesn’t put a strain on my neck.

Still no nausea, cravings or food aversions! As for weight gain, I have gained about 32 pounds so far!

Baby is doing well according to my monthly checkups! She is head down, her heartbeat is strong and her movements are more pronounced, especially during the early morning and late at night. She moves around during the day sometimes too but I feel like this is when she’s mostly sleeping.

Healthcare visits:
I will be doing my GBS test next week and will be seeing the midwife more often after that! I am still seeing an RMT for a weekly massage and I cannot be more grateful for this service! As of this week, my benefits now allow me to have free RMT massages until the end of the year! I’m so excited.. I might just get a massage twice a week! I have myself scheduled for twice a week but to be honest, I couldn’t justify spending money on massages twice a week especially now that my income is less and I’m not in that much pain.

Still NO NURSERY! Not even a crib or a bassinet. I keep telling people that if I have this baby right here right now, she will probably sleep in a box! I have just been so tired and it has taken me so long to organize things. I usually start my day with making breakfast and after I finish washing my dishes I would be so tired again that I would take a morning nap haha! Then I would wake up, organize and clean up one thing and thats it, I have to take another nap! The good news is that we have finally cleaned out some space for where we want to set up a nursery! All we need to do is get the furniture and all the baby stuff (getting so excited to do this!)

Overall my third trimester has been good so far. I complain about the back pain every now and then but I’m just really happy that I am off work and I have so many resources to help me alleviate the pain. I know I have 6 more weeks to go and as much as I can’t wait, Im also waiting patiently and I’m enjoying my downtime with my calm and quiet fetus in my belly haha 😀

- Roxy

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