Belly butter and belly oil!

August 21, 2017 - Pregnancy

Call me a hippie, but I love mixing my own belly butters and oils from pure and natural ingredients! My home-mixed belly butters and oils soothe my skin and doesn’t irritate it like some over-the-counter and drugstore brands do. I usually slather on the belly butter after I shower because it gets absorbed better when your skin is wet. I use the belly butter and oil interchangeably throughout the day and I’m usually applying them 2-3 times a day- once in the morning, sometime in the afternoon and at night before going to bed. I carry my belly oil roll-on in my purse sometimes if I know I’m staying out for a while and it’s just a quick fix for when my belly itches!

Belly butter:

Organic, 100% pure shea butter  (with or without avocado oil & argan oil)
I use the one by African Fair Trade Society (I bought it from Donald’s Market on Commercial Drive and also at the Marketplace at the Fair at the PNE this summer!). If you live in Kelowna, you can buy it at Nature’s Fare! It’s super cheap for a 2 oz container and it takes me a couple of months to use it all up.

Jason’s Age renewal Vitamin E moisturizing cream (I make small batches with this mixed in it)
The shea butter is great on it’s own already and I only started adding vitamin E cream recently to add more good-for-your-skin ingredients in my belly butter.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Frankincense, Tea Tree

Lavender– MY FAVOURITE! It’s widely used for it’s calming and relaxing aroma but little did I know it has amazing skin-healing benefits as well! I went to a lavender farm this summer and learned all about the benefits of this amazing oil. It can be used for burns, cuts, and insect stings because it helps speed up the healing process and reduces scarring.

Frankincense– First of all, this oil reminds me of church. I was raised a catholic and it reminds me of going to church (frankincense incense is burned during mass/service). Again, little did I know, it has powerful skin rejuvenating properties and it’s also known for it’s anti-inflammatory effects.

Tea Tree– Another oil with skin-healing properties and can act as an antiseptic (great for acne!). I don’t particularly like the smell and I could probably do without it in my belly butters and oils but I just add it on to maximize skin-healing effects.

Belly Oil:

-Fractionated Coconut oil aka liquid coconut oil.

-Essential Oils-(same as above)

I’m aware that the appearance and disappearance of a woman’s stretch marks due to pregnancy has a lot to do with genetics and that it doesn’t really matter what kind of oil, butter, or cream you put on…you will still get them and they might stick around for a while…or not…depending on your genetics! Personally, I just like moisturizing my belly because the skin is getting stretched out and it is SO ITCHY! The scent is calming (minus the tea-tree oil..) and I like to think of it as a bonding moment with my baby =)



- Roxy

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