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July 14, 2017 - Life

I am not a foodie. I like to enjoy the different types of of cuisine that Vancouver has to offer and I like to travel to places and try some of their best restaurants (fine dining or “street food”). I don’t always go out to eat but I like to try anything from fine dining to hole-in the wall restaurants.
I am not a cook or a chef. I started experimenting with making my own food when I was a teenager, I took up a Foods class in high school and now I just look up recipes whenever I make a meal. I make food from recipes I find on the internet 90% of the time and the rest is just from simple, basic cooking (i.e. omelettes).
I am not a baker. Again, anything I bake is from a recipe from the internet or a cookbook. I used to work for Whole Foods bakery (I served the baked goods, not make them) and I would have to say this is where my interest in baking at home started. I baked the most when I was in nursing school to relieve stress and to take my mind off schoolwork. I usually baked cakes for family and friends and I have sold penis cakes for bachelorette parties haha!

I wish I could say I always cook and bake healthy things but I don’t. I don’t like baking healthy because I like to indulge when I eat baked goods. I ensure you that all my baked goods will be absolutely unhealthy and should really be enjoyed in moderation if you’re watching what you eat.
The meals I make vary from quinoa salads to hearty slow cooked pulled pork for sandwiches. I used to make healthier things but my boyfriend has “inspired” me to make heartier and tastier meals. I like seeing him truly enjoy something that I make rather than just giving me the ol’ thumbs-up as he chews away on his healthy salad.

This part of my blog will showcase some of my favorite recipes (with links, of course), restaurants and all things related to the topic of food!

- Roxy

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