The one with the swimming pool.

May 25, 2017 - Life / Pregnancy

Hello world, this is me and my belly floating in the pool!

Spent the afternoon swimming at Second Beach in Stanley Park on Victoria Day! I felt weightless and it felt so good on my body! I’m pretty sure I could swim for hours! I thought I would be more buoyant with this belly of mine but I found that I had to work a little extra hard to stay afloat. Things got even better as I got a ball to use as a floating device. I just clung to the ball and kicked around with it. It felt like I was getting a good stretch and a good leg exercise. Not only did swimming make my back and lower leg pain disappear, I felt mentally relaxed as I swam up and down the pool. I was focusing on my kicks and where I was going as well as thinking how grateful I was to be outside on such a beautiful and warm day with my boyfriend and friends. I was grateful for the experience of being pain free for such a long time during the day because lately it feels as if everything I do is causing the pain in my lower back and legs to be aggravated. If I sit, stand, walk, or lie down too long, my body starts to hurt.

I was kind of sad when I we head to leave. As soon as I get out of the pool, the whole body heaviness comes back and if I walk long enough the lower back and leg pain slowly start to come back too. I seriously considered getting a blow up pool that will enable me to float my whole body. If I’m not at the pools this summer, that’s where you can find me- in the blow up pool in my backyard haha! I highly recommend swimming for any pregnant ladies out there (with doctors approval of course)!


- Roxy

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