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May 8, 2017 - Life / Pregnancy

First of all… HAPPY NATIONAL NURSES WEEK! It was National Nurses Week here in B.C. from May 6-12 and I’m a little bit sad I didn’t partake in any events or even celebrate with a piece of cake!
In honor of National Nurses Week, I just have to say that, I am so happy and proud to be a nurse. There isn’t a shift that goes by that I take wonder in the job that I do. Yes, the job can get really gross and dirty and a hectic day or a single and demanding patient (or family member) can push you to the edge of your sanity but there are way too many times when the job is just so rewarding.

Working as a nurse and being pregnant isn’t easy. There are times when I forget that I should be taking it easy and it hurts my body when I’m not mindful of my limitations when Im at work. For instance, the other day, my patient passed out when she was on the chair and we had to get her into bed immediately just in case things escalated and she went into further distress. There were people in to help physically lift her from the chair to the bed but since she was my patient, I felt that I needed to be there to help transfer her too. My body paid for the lifting immediately after and for the next few days. I had to go to a chiropractor, do yoga, and soak myself in an epsom salt bath to relieve myself of the back pain from lifting that patient.

Oh and don’t get me started on the shortness of breath from all the walking. My asthma started acting up again because Im always short of breath nowadays. The night shifts are ok..I have become even more of a nightowl during the 2nd trimester so working 12 hour nights are fine. Sitting for too long hurts my back and sometimes when I stand up, I get that pain that starts from one butt cheek that radiates down to the leg. I bought myself a special seat cushion that has a hole in the middle to alleviate pressure on the tailbone and it has made a big difference! No it’s not an invalid ring…
All in all I still enjoy working while pregnant but I am considering taking my maternity leave as soon as I can or even taking a medical leave so I can be kinder to my body and my baby. There’s still a lot to prepare for this baby since we just moved in April and I want to take some time for myself as well.

I simply salute all those nurses who work till they are, seriously, a week or two from giving birth. Superwomen, I swear.

For other pregnant women, what’s your occupation and how are you coping with work while pregnant?

- Roxy

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