The one with the 2 hour glucose test.

May 25, 2017 - Pregnancy

Did my 2 hour glucose test today as part of my prenatal checkup.

I had to fast all night and  come to the lab to drink a cup of a sweet drink (tastes like orange Fanta) and sit in the waiting room for 2 hours. I’m doing it at 25 weeks (1 day away from being 26 actually) because I’ve been putting it off. I just can’t not have anything to eat in the morning and there were times when I woke up and didn’t have a car to use and one time the lab was closed when I went in to do it. There’s only one lab location I wanted to go to because there’s never any lines, it’s very spacious and they have a lounge chair with an ottoman. All other labs are stuffy and always full of people. There’s no way I wanna wait there for 2 hours! I’m lucky I have the lounge chair and when I put my Kabooti cushion on it, I could sit for hours!

My advice for mamas going for their glucose test:
1. Find a comfortable lab you can sit for 2 hours in and GO EARLY!
2. Bring a cushion or two to sit on.
3. Bring a book, a laptop to watch movies on, or headphones to listen to music with.
4. Have someone pick you up or drop you off or just don’t operate a car afterwards- you might feel faint and I’ve heard of some women feeling very nauseated afterwards (due to the fasting and the super sweet drink). So just ensure your safety and comfort.

Anyway, short blog post because it’s something to do while I’m sitting here. 😛

- Roxy

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