The one where I went on medical leave.

May 16, 2017 - Pregnancy

I made an appointment to see my GP again today to talk about my asthma medication as well as the pain I’m experiencing in my lower back and legs. I haven’t seen him since December when I found out I was pregnant because he’s just a family doctor and not an ob gyn.
I was so lucky to get an appointment because he’s going away on vacation at the end of the week. I told him how I was feeling more short of breath and that my asthma is acting up again which means I have been needing to use my salbutamol inhaler more often. He advised me to continue taking my salbutamol inhaler and to stop using any other asthma medication he previously put me on (I wasn’t taking them anyway at the start of my pregnancy because I just didn’t want to be taking so many medications in my prenatal stages).

Then I told him about my back pain that’s bothering me so much. The lower back and butt pain that shoots down one side of my legs and have been alternating sides in the last few days. I have been treating it with massage,  chiropractic care, yoga, stretches (as per a chiropractor and kinesiologist) and it just isn’t getting better but worse as the weeks go by.
This was when he got concerned.
He said he wouldn’t have advised to go to see a chiropractor first and instead I should have seen a physiotherapist. I went to chiro first because it has worked to alleviate my back pain in the past, pre pregnancy. I also told him that when I told the midwife about it that I was just advised to  continue my stretches.
Then we talked about  me going on a medical leave if my job duties cannot be changed. And because I work in such a busy emergency department, I just don’t see any duties  that would require me to do less. It’s either you’re in or you’re out.
So he diagnosed me with sciatica and advised me to see a physiotherapist asap.. like the same day if possible. A reputable physiotherapist working for a big company, preferably. He said I should try to do a couple of treatments and see if it helps me keep doing my job longer and if not I have until the end of the week to see him so I can get the medical leave forms filled out.
He also wanted me to start seeing an obgyn because he was concerned that the sciatica will give me a hard time during and after labour.

After my Doctor’s appointment I got the ball rolling and got a physiotherapy appointment on the same day, at a reputable company that apparently treats some of the  BC Lions (can’t get any reputable than that right?) and I emailed my manager at work giving her a heads up and asked if I could come in the next day and get the forms. I’m unfamiliar with the process so I thought I would go in to talk to her asap as well.
So here I am It’s 3 in the morning and I’m wide awake. After a long day of appointments, errands and a very relaxing massage I passed out almost immediately when I got home at the end of the day. Actually I’m still a little groggy but there’s so many thoughts going through my mind right now; what is my manager going to say?  I emailed her around 2pm and did not get back to me as soon as I wanted her to, is this going to be a hassle to deal with? Is my physio treatment plan going to work?  If I go on medical leave and the physio works wonders on me am i going to feel guilty for going on medical and maternity leave so early? What about all the shift swaps I agreed to for the next couple of weeks… I would feel bad if they weren’t honored…I know my co-workers really needed those days off! Oh and the money… of course the money. I really like my full-time pay..I was hoping to work until the very end (35 weeks max? I’ve seen other nurses do it!) so I can save up more and have peace of mind during my maternity leave.

Oh the anxiety…

I think I’m going to cut myself a piece of red velvet cake and watch some Bob’s Burgers to get my mind off of this. I need me some sugar and mindless cartoons!

Oh but I have laundry to do…


Any other pregnant women out there go on an unexpected medical leave? What for?

- Roxy

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