The one with the prenatal yoga.

May 30, 2017 - Pregnancy

I’m currently doing a series of prenatal yoga classes that is being offered by the group of midwives I go to in partnership with the group of doulas they work with (aka the yoga class is taught by a doula). First of all, I just want to say, its AMAZING and it makes me so happy! I’m sad that it only lasts for 6 sessions and it only happens once a week, but I’ll take what I can get! So, obviously it’s not just any regular yoga session. The yoga poses are specific to common pregnancy discomforts so it helps with ailments like sciatica, swelling, and general body pain experienced in all trimesters. We do a lot of breathing techniques with guided meditation, pelvic floor exercises, and the instructor incorporates a lot of yoga philosophy related to birth. Last week’s session was my favorite so far because they taught us some techniques to take your mind away from the contractions experienced during labor. We used an ice cube to illicit pain stimuli and the techniques really worked. I know, I know, holding an ice cube isn’t the same as a contraction but at least it helped us practice the breathing, movement and vocalization techniques we could use during labor.

Things I love about these prenatal yoga classes:

  1. The instructor does a great job empowering me as she reinforces the sacredness of pregnancy and birth and encourages us to listen to our wise woman inside all of us. She encouraged me to realize that my pregnancy is very special and I have what it takes to go through pregnancy, labor and birth.
  2. We are constantly reminded that our bodies are strong and capable of giving birth and the instructor gives us the tools to allow our bodies to do this. This is important to me because, I never once felt that I was capable of getting pregnant and growing a healthy baby. I used to think that I might have a difficult time having a baby or that something wrong will happen to my baby in utero because I was a sickly child and due to some health issues in the past. I just doubted myself and my body and all that negative thinking has changed ever since I started doing these yoga classes. It has caused me to think “I CAN DO THIS!” on a daily basis or when I’m feeling inadequate during my pregnancy.
  3. It gives me uninterrupted time to connect with my baby and to disconnect with everything else. Just being in a place with the right setting and ambience, along with other pregnant women, feels comforting and calming.

Any other pregnant ladies out there try yoga? What was your experience like? Don’t you wish you could do this EVERYDAY??


- Roxy

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