The one with my first facial.

May 30, 2017 - Life

Hello, I’m Roxanne. I’m 28 years old and I have never had a facial!
So I went for my first facial last Friday at Project Skin MD. Jillian Harris (ex-bachelorette & Love It or List It Host) raved about them on her Instagram story and I did a little bit of digging around. You know clicking instagram tags, links and reading reviews etc. I was already thinking about going for some sort of spa facial because my skin has been feeling so dull and dry (pregnancy related? Maybe..) and I just happen to be browsing on instagram and on mothers day, Jillian Harris mentioned she went there with her mom and got some dermaplaning done. I was intrigued by the dermaplaning facial that they offered because is a mechanical debridement of skin cells and that super fine hair they call “peach-fuzz” on your face. It’s less abrasive than microdermabrasion and not as intense as a chemical peel/facial. Since I have never had a chemical facial or microdermabrasion before, I wanted to try dermaplaning.

I made the appointment and went in on a beautiful sunny Friday morning. The place was absolutely gorgeous! The aesthetic of the place looked very clean and the staff were approachable and friendly. During my consultation, the aesthetician and I both agreed on the dermaplaning because we don’t know how my skin will react to the chemical facial due to the pregnancy. She then proceeded with the dermaplaning which felt kind of like a light shave of the face. In the meantime, she talked about the condition of my skin and what I can do to improve the dryness that was problematic to me. She gave me her utmost honest advice and, although they have a plethora of skincare products to sell at the store, she gave me just the basics of what I would really need and how I can start with just one product and incorporate all the rest later on.

Getting my facial on!

Some take-aways from the consultation and my experience:

1. Drink more water. However much I am drinking now- add at least another litre to that. My skin is dry because I need more hydration from the inside as well as on the outside. No matter what products I put on my skin, it would only be superficial and my skin would continue to be dry after I take off the moisturizers etc.

2. Hyaluronic Acid. Im not going to say much about it because I’m no expert but It’s good for adding more hydration to the skin on top of a moisturizer. Google it or talk to dermatologist or an experienced aesthetician to be more informed.

3. SPF40+ sunscreen. Instead of buying a moisturizer with sunscreen, get one that’s strictly just sunscreen because the amount of it you need may not be enough when mixed with moisturizer.

4.Vitamin C serum- in the long run its good for protecting and rejuvenating your skin because of its antioxidant properties.

AHH I know. More products that I have to buy and more time I need to spend in the bathroom every morning and night! Why can’t my facial routine be the same as my boyfriend’s- none! It’s so costly and time consuming to be a girl. Sometimes I wish I was a boy. Just kidding, my tomboy days are over circa high school and I absolutely love being a girl! =D

I really try to keep my skincare routine to a minimum. The minimum involving a face wash and a moisturizer everyday but sometimes I find myself with a routine that has 4 or 5 products involved, which I think is ridiculous.

What’s your minimalist skin care routine and what are your go-to products to use?

- Roxy

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